Ready Your Shield!

Hi gang!

Welcome to Fomora! It is a wilderness dotted with small villages. The humans of each village have developed different ways of defending themselves from the Great Beasts that roam the wilds. The beasts are as varied as they are ferocious. It is a dangerous and difficult world to live in. Let’s hope Baeve has what it takes to survive.

A page is going to be posted every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday. I’m going to stay out of the way as far as regular news posts go, but rest assured, anything you need to know about Baeve and her adventures will show up right here.

Though there are plans to to get as many readers hooked as I can, the most valuable tool I have is word-of-mouth. If you, dear readers, would be so kind to spread the word by sharing and giving the comic a shout-out I’d greatly appreciate it. Thank you for stopping by! Please sit back, relax, and enjoy your reading!


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