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Hey Gang,

I’m starting to get posting withdrawal over here. So what do you say we take a look at how the most recent character was built from a drawing perspective.

I sat down with my pen and sketchbook and just went to work, trying to stay committed to an idea through the whole sketch before just crossing it out and moving on. I started here:

I was obsessed with the misshaped eyes and the wooden mask from the beginning. And I definitely wanted it to be “living,” with grasses or branches growing on it. I was looking for something a little grandmotherly at first. Someone that looked inviting. As inviting as a wood creature can be, anyway.


I ditched the grandmother feeling but stuck with the growing. Originally I saw it’s flesh as a sort of vine itself. Something that grew and could set in roots. I decided to move away from this design because, while I wanted the creature to look a little feminine, I didn’t want to assign an obvious gender to it.

The way I like to do concept sketches is to lock myself in a space and draw all the ideas that come to mind. It can take a while, so I have to take breaks. When I got up to put on the tea I saw an ad for the game Ori and the Blind Forest (which, while I haven’t played it looks amazing from both a game and art stand point). Anyway, I loved the oval face on that thing. So I drew my wooden mask, misshapen eyes and all, as an oval.

I liked the way the mask over the total face helped to remove the gender of the creature. It also looked like I could make some interesting glowing effects around the mask and the viney/grassy hair, so I scrapped the vine “flesh” idea and went with a creature made of light.

And there you have it. A behind the scenes look at this new character. We’ll learn more about it together starting next week. Thanks for reading, enjoy the weekend!


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