End of Chapter Two!

Hey gang, what a ride!  There’s a lot to digest while we’re getting ready for chapter three, which will be starting up shortly.  I’m looking forward to exploring a little more of the world during chapter three and beyond.

I’d like to thank you all again for reading.  Please continue to do so and continue to share it with friends on the web, social media, and in conversation!  And comments are always welcome!

Ideally I’d be taking a week off between chapters to give me time to set things up on the back end.  Right now, I’m planning on taking a little more time between two and three.  I primarily work on a Microsoft Surface Pro 3, which has been sent into the shop recently.  I’m still doing a lot of work behind the scenes – colors, writing, and layouts – but without my surface I haven’t been able to ink as many pages as I had on my schedule.  To maintain an uninterrupted update throughout chapter three, I may extend the week break to a two week break.  That means things will pick back up on the 29th of June.  Hopefully it won’t last that long, and if it changes you’ll be the first to  know!

See you soon!


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