Become a Champion of Fomora!

Hey Gang,

I’m glad to finally be sharing chapter four with you.  It was the most exciting for me to make – both in writing the script and in drawing these pages!  Things are looking great so far.

Launching alongside Dance of Blades is my Patreon page (You may’ve noticed the “Support the Comic!” button on the top menubar).  If you’re not familiar with Patreon, it’s basically a way for you to financially support the comic through a small, sustaining contribution.  It’s a monthly contribution system, where you can pledge any amount that you’re comfortable with to help support Legends of Fomora.  This is a huge step, for both of us.  Sure, I’m asking you to contribute to the content you enjoy.  But you!  When you contribute you really are becoming a Champion of Fomora.

Your contribution will help me expand the site, get seeded for a print run of the comic and other cool merch (pins, shirts, prints!), and make a bigger net through targeted advertising to get even more readers hooked!  As you know, the comic is free to read, and I like that.  I want to keep it that way, but I also want to let it grow.

Think about this:  we’ve already made over eighty pages of Fomora.  Eighty, in just seven months.  Chapter four is well on its way and – believe me – there’s so much more.  Every little bit helps, and I cannot express enough my gratitude.


Thank you.


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