Chapter Six!

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Hey gang,


I had been working all week with little success, but today I woke up with the sun, brewed a pot of coffee and locked myself in my office to finish writing chapter six.  I don’t want to speak too much about what’s happening in the story itself – there’s still a round of editing to be done – but I think this one’s going to be extra long.


My process has changed a bit, and here’s what happened:


I started the way I always do, brainstorming the plot points for each page – toward the end of the chapter, the plot points began to get vague and unfocused.  So I started sketching scenes out, or just panels that popped into my head.  That really got the actual writing going.


My wooden pen (from my honeymoon in Montreal) in hand, I grabbed my notebook and dove in.  A lot of stuff came, and I drew some of it, went back to writing.  This back-and-forth worked well for a couple days and then I got stumped.  I’ve been balancing a really weird schedule lately and I think that helped to throw me off.  Today’s marathon, almost Kerouacian, session helped to flesh out the story.


Sitting at the desk with a pen and a blank page has always been a little daunting for me.  If it’s a pencil, I just go to town and doodle.  But when it’s a pen- when it’s words – for some reason, there’s this small hill of anxiety I need to climb over.  Indeed – on my old comic I had a partner responsible for the writing.  It’s no easy task, pulling nonsense out of your head and giving it a home in our world.


Once I’m over Anxious Hills, though, the writing flows like a babbling stream.  Today’s session felt very good.  Once I started writing the characters did a lot of the heavy lifting.  I didn’t have to think of what they’d say, they just said it, or did it, or showed it.  It was like I was some weird medium in a fantastical seance.   That’s not weird, don’t worry about it.


I’ve attached a couple sketches here so you can see what’s coming up/been popping into my head.  I’ll include a couple more tomorrow for patrons only!



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