Behind the Scenes Process Story

This is a reprint, it originally appeared on my Patreon as an unpaid post.


I’ve learned so much by making Legends of Fomora.  Absolutely a ton!

When it comes down to it, I think you should always go for it.  Learn as you go.  Because if you spend too much time tinkering, you may never start.  But make sure you take all the stuff you learn along the way and put it to good use.

Originally, I wanted to make Legends of Fomora a wide book.  Something like, 14 inches wide by seven tall – I think.  A kind of weird size, sure, but the classic size for classic comics.  I made every web update with that format in mind.  One page equals one page.

But I’ve ultimately decided on a “French Album,” style, common in classic European comics.  It’s 9 inches wide by 11 inches tall.  So book one of Fomora will have two web-comics per book page.  Cool.

Now, the two mediums – web and print – are incredibly different.  And a whole big page in a book may take a long time and not quite get you the…umph you’d want in a webcomic to keep readers coming back.  So I’ve been writing book two with this in mind.

French Album Template

The image above represents a french album page.  As I’ve been writing book two, I’ve been making notes as to what day-of-the-week the page will go up on (Monday, Wednesday, or Friday) and what quarter(s) of the French album page they will take up.  Most of them will be the top or bottom half, but some are just one quarter, a couple are three, and there are a few that will just have to be one full French album page online.

It’s been a little challenging, to make everything fit, but I think it will make for a better comic in both formats.  Something to keep you tuning in as it’s made and to keep you turning those pages.  I highly recommend this to any webcartoonists that are writing long form stories and don’t want to leave the web update on a lack luster note.

Things are coming along very nicely over here.  Chapters One through Four of Book Two have gone through the first round of editing.  I’m going to straighten them up, then move onto the end.  After that, the drawing commences!



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