The Author
Cartoonist PatPat Nietupski began making comics at his desk in an office in 2011.  He fell in love with comics then and has been honing his craft ever since, teaching himself all along the way.  Pat started making comics for the web in 2012.  Before Legends of Fomora, Pat co-created the nerd-culture strip Unnatural 20.  Legends of Fomora began in February 2015 and is his first solo work in long-form narrative.  After years of practicing comics, Pat is remastering Legends of Fomora to collect as a graphic novel.   Pat lives in Western Massachusetts with his lovely wife and fluffy dog.  Pat can occasionally be spotted drawing in Northampton with his friend Chris, the creator of Paranormal Petunia.


The Logo
The Legends of Fomora logo was designed by hand-letterer and graphic designer Kate Lalime.  A highly capable designer, Kate asks for your thoughts on the feeling you want your design to invoke and then she produces high-quality graphics.  I can’t recommend her any more highly.