Character Generator

Hey Gang,

I’m starting to get posting withdrawal over here. So what do you say we take a look at how the most recent character was built from a drawing perspective.

I sat down with my pen and sketchbook and just went to work, trying to stay committed to an idea through the whole sketch before just crossing it out and moving on. I started here:

I was obsessed with the misshaped eyes and the wooden mask from the beginning. And I definitely wanted it to be “living,” with grasses or branches growing on it. I was looking for something a little grandmotherly at first. Someone that looked inviting. As inviting as a wood creature can be, anyway.


I ditched the grandmother feeling but stuck with the growing. Originally I saw it’s flesh as a sort of vine itself. Something that grew and could set in roots. I decided to move away from this design because, while I wanted the creature to look a little feminine, I didn’t want to assign an obvious gender to it.

The way I like to do concept sketches is to lock myself in a space and draw all the ideas that come to mind. It can take a while, so I have to take breaks. When I got up to put on the tea I saw an ad for the game Ori and the Blind Forest (which, while I haven’t played it looks amazing from both a game and art stand point). Anyway, I loved the oval face on that thing. So I drew my wooden mask, misshapen eyes and all, as an oval.

I liked the way the mask over the total face helped to remove the gender of the creature. It also looked like I could make some interesting glowing effects around the mask and the viney/grassy hair, so I scrapped the vine “flesh” idea and went with a creature made of light.

And there you have it. A behind the scenes look at this new character. We’ll learn more about it together starting next week. Thanks for reading, enjoy the weekend!


End of Chapter One

Hey gang!

This wraps up Into the Wild, the first chapter of Legends of Fomora! And what an introduction for this strange creature! We’re going to learn a lot more about it in the next chapter – which will be starting up the week after next.

Since Chapter Two will start on the 20th, next week I’ll show you some design sketches for this new creature. This is going to be a regular thing between chapters – a week off. I’ll still be working hard behind the scenes to keep this schedule on pace and make sure the story is presented to you nice and smooth. It would be in your best interest to check out Paranormal Petunia during the week off. Things are really starting to shake up over there and you won’t want to miss it.

I want to thank you all again for reading and sharing! Please continue to do so. Big things are underway for the next few weeks and it will be great to share with as many readers as possible. We’ve spent nearly two months with Baeve and we’re getting to know her. Let’s keep exploring Fomora with her!


Thank you!

Hey, gang!

I can’t believe it, but we’re already a month into the comic. It’s been real fun making Legends of Fomora so far, and I hope you’re all enjoying it. I’ve gotten a lot of great feedback from readers I really appreciate it. So here’s a big thank you from me to you!

It looks like a friend just showed up, I wonder where he and Baeve will go. I’m ready for adventure, so come along with me. Please, keep reading, share with your friends, and Ready Your Shield!


Ready Your Shield!

Hi gang!

Welcome to Fomora! It is a wilderness dotted with small villages. The humans of each village have developed different ways of defending themselves from the Great Beasts that roam the wilds. The beasts are as varied as they are ferocious. It is a dangerous and difficult world to live in. Let’s hope Baeve has what it takes to survive.

A page is going to be posted every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday. I’m going to stay out of the way as far as regular news posts go, but rest assured, anything you need to know about Baeve and her adventures will show up right here.

Though there are plans to to get as many readers hooked as I can, the most valuable tool I have is word-of-mouth. If you, dear readers, would be so kind to spread the word by sharing and giving the comic a shout-out I’d greatly appreciate it. Thank you for stopping by! Please sit back, relax, and enjoy your reading!


Count Down to Adventure!

Hi gang,

Ready your shield because Legends of Fomora kicks off on Monday, a mere five days away! Enjoy the production art, something else will be popping up on Friday.

Starting Monday, the comic will post a page every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday, so things should really start to move along. Happy Hunting!


Working the Forge

Hey gang,

The site’s still under construction, but there’re a bunch of great additions and improvements. Chief among them are the bookmark feature in the right sidebar and the New Readers page.

The bookmark feature is fantastic. Press the “Tag Page” button and the site will remember where you left off! Next time you visit just press the “Load Page” button and you’ll be good to go. Not huge now, but once things start rolling, it might be helpful to keep your place.

The New Readers page will fill you in on characters as they appear and become integral to the story.

The site is ramping up, and we’re looking at a February 16th launch. It’s a Monday. Ready Your Shield!