Hey gang!

This is the art from an unpaid Patreon post.  The bestiary is going to be updated in 2017 at a standard pace once again, very excited.  Head on over to my Patreon page take a look!  There’s lots of content to gobble up for a pledge of $1 a month!

This is going to be our last update for 2016!  We’ll leave the main story off on something of a cliff hanger, and come back swinging in 2017.  It’ll be nice to take some time to get ahead!  I’ve been behind schedule since the end of September, trying to stay ahead of the curve and often falling behind.  I’ll spend next week working hard so we can avoid any interruptions.

All-in-all, however, 2016 has been a good year in Fomora.

In April, we wrapped up Book One: Into the Wild.  A whole book is right there to read!  The first arc.  I’m really quite proud to be able to say I’ve made this.  Thanks for reading and sharing!

I then spent the summer months writing and drawing – some truly magnificent time where I would rise with the sun and work on comics – finally launching Book Two: Winter Song in August!  I’m so excited to have this tale take this next big step!  Baeve’s adventure is only just beginning!

September saw the “Patreon pledge drive” that increased patronage and general readership for Legends of Fomora!  This pledge drive was so fun, snapping photos, drawing shout-outs, and finalizing the Chapter One Redux.  I often take a moment to look at side-by-sides of the old version and the new.  The growth there is exponential!

October saw Legends of Fomora in print!  For the very first time, readers could hold the book! When I first started cartooning in 2012 I dreamed of a book.  I could not be more proud of this one.  All the time and energy honing my craft has payed off ten-fold, and it’s only getting better from here.  I could not have done it without my patrons, so thank you!

October was also Legends of Fomora’s first convention appearance.  The Portland Comic Expo was a blast!  We met all kinds of readers and artists.  We were able to sell the print version as well as some other printed items but best of all, we made some real connections with folks.  It was an incredible experience and Fomora is already planning for more!  That’s right, Kids Con, here we come!

In November we launched the Store of Fomora!  Featuring the new book as well as some other exciting prints!


2016 was a big year.  There were times where I stretched myself a little thin.  But I took good notes.  I’m ready for what lies ahead in 2017.  Thank you, dear readers, for making 2016 a fantastic year in Fomora!