Hey there!

This wraps up Act II of Winter Song.  Leaving us on a thread of fear and danger!

I’m going to take the rest of January off from posting on the site.  Patrons, you will continue to get updates on patreon throughout the break.

I recently detailed my plans for 2017 in three posts.  Let me hit the high-points for you here:

  • I learned a lot in 2016.  And I’m going to be applying that to how I run the site, store, and conventions in 2017.
  • 2017 is going to be about manageable growth.  Rebuilding the buffer, planning ahead for production runs.  When I get a crazy idea I need to build it into a working schedule.
  • Expand patreon-exclusive content in a sustainable way by opening up a window into work I’m already/should have been doing anyway.

It’s going to be a very exciting year.  I may post a few updates here before February, but if not – see you then!