And we’re off!  Not wasting any time getting up to speed here.  Snow is falling, so I hope that’s helping cool things off for you, at least in your brainspace.

It feels good to be posting again.  I’d missed this!  On Monday is felt like the first day of school.  I was excited, nervous, worried that I might not have any friends in any of my classes…classic webcomic jitters. In all seriousness, however, thanks for joining me for book two!

Hey, have you checked out the new logo!?  It’s on the banner up above, as well as the landing page for the site!  I struggled with it for a while and finally got some advice – hand it off to the pros.  Kate Lalime designed the new logo based on just a few bits of how I wanted it to feel.  She did a fantastic job!  Typography and lettering are art forms that look much easier than they actually are, and Kate is among the best in the biz!

Talk to you soon!