Legends of Fomora
follows a young girl on her
adventure through a magical wilderness
filled with beasts and faeries and creatures
of a dark and terrible nature!

About Character baeve

Baeve is a young hunter,
journeying into the wilderness of
Fomora on a quest to avenge
the death of her family.

About Character Aengus

Aengus is Baeve’s closest friend.
He is an apprentice to the village
druid, Baelor, and more comfortable
with a potion than a blade.

About Character Teagan

Teagan is a hunter from the village Purt.
While she often clashes with Baeve,
she’s most concerned with
protecting her village.

About Character Quin

Quin is a blacksmith’s apprentice
from the village Purt.  He’s quick
to make friends and is always
willing to help out.

About Character Baelor

Baelor is the druid in Baeve’s
village, Carrai.  His knowledge
is ancient, as is his beard.  He
dabbles in old magic.

About Character Dearg

Dearg is a sneaky creature.
While his motives are mostly
unknown, it is certain that he has
some dark acquaintances.