Portland Comic Expo

Hey gang!

The Portland Comic Expo was a blast.  Thank you to all of the Patrons that helped us print our book in time!  It came out great and folks loved it.

It was a one day event, but it was a great first convention.  My wife and I exceeded all our expectations.  At first we wanted to be able to sell just one thing, so we didn’t have to take all our inventory home.  I was really nervous and was worried that our book was incorrectly priced, that we didn’t bring enough stuff, that we brought too much.  Luckily my wife, Mardelle, was able to help me relax and stick to our guns.

We sold a bunch of books!  All the research we did said we would sell more prints and other items, but our books were our hot ticket item, by far.  People loved the colors (so many comments on how the colors pop) and the clean inking.  A lot of different folks bought our book and we have a better idea of our target consumer, but the best part by far were the parents that brought their young children over to look at the book.  They were excited, asked their kids if the book was something they’d like to read, and asked me to personalize the book when they bought it.  And they always asked if there’s more coming!

I was so happy to be able to reach younger kids at the convention.  The comic is truly meant to be all-ages.  I want adults to find it fun and whimsical and pretty to look at. And for all of it’s fun and cuteness, Fomora is a land that has a little grimdark tucked away under branches. We’ve gotten a lot of support on the web from adults.  But the convention let us hand it to parents who could hand it to their kids, let them touch the book, let them see a Wol up close.  It was an incredible marketing tool, but also just really, really exciting to see your work validated by small humans.  They won’t spare your feelings if they don’t like something.

In addition to selling books at the expo, we brought a few copies by to Casablanca Comics in Portland!  If you’re in the area, check them out.

My wife and I took a ton of notes and are already planning for three new conventions next year!  All and all, this was a super positive experience.

Positive as it was, it was draining.  This week, I’m not going to update the site with comics.  I’m going to be drawing pages behind the scenes, and working to fulfill upper level Patreon rewards, and start putting together a webstore that will be functioning as we head into the holiday season.  I know we left off on a bit of a cliffhanger last week, but we don’t want to mess this page up!

Talk to you soon!